All members retain a recognised chiropody/podiatry qualification from a reputable educational  institution either within Canada or overseas.

All members shall abide by NSCA's By-laws & Standards as well as the Code of Conduct regulations, without any exceptions to any clauses held therein.

Use of Titles

The NSCA restricts all members the use of the title ‘Doctor’, a variation or abbreviation or equivalent in another language, who are a chiropodist/podiatrist. Members who retain registration with a statutory regulatory body for the professions of either a Physician or Surgeon would be entitled to use their title of ‘Doctor’.

The aim of this restriction is to ensure that the public are not confused when seeking primary healthcare practitioners.

Our mission is to strive
to improve the
overall foot healthcare
to the public by
focussing on preventing, diagnosing and treating conditions associated with the foot, as well as to facilitate the delivery of knowledge of foot healthcare in a safe and professional manner.
Nova Scotia Chiropody Association
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